Stout Beer and Battlefield 1: A pairing.

Hello again, y’all. So, I was playing Battlefield 1 earlier today and while I was getting my ass handed to me, it occurred that this game would go well with a stout style beer or maybe a porter.

I made this distinction because I just started playing the game after having getting my console hooked up and all the updates installed. Now, it’s been my experience with the Battlefield franchise that I’ve learned others either love it or hate it. They’d rather stick to their other FPS and sim games.

A few can be convinced to join the dark side though. I’ve noticed when I do get people to come over and eventually fall in love with the game that it becomes one of their instant go-to’s for a rousing time waster. Operations in BF 1 has some long matches and I’ve lost many an hour to late nights playing when I should have been doing a million other things. Bottom line is: I love it. It’s undoubtedly one of my favorites.

So how do porters and stouts play (get it?) into this. Well much like Battlefield and the countless arguments I’ve had over it, others seem to react the same way when you find that one stout or porter style brew that opens your world up to liking dark beers.

Once you get that taste, that very first kill-streak in the game, and you stop dieing all the time, you can’t get enough! Like Battlefield, Oyster and Oatmeal stouts are undoubtedly my favorite kind of beer.

I make this comparison because the Battlefield series has an admittedly harder learning curve than say, CoD or any other FPS of that genre. Stout and porter style beers as well have flavors that take getting used to for some people and it takes a few go’s before getting the hang of it and knowing what you’re supposed to be looking for.

So to you, I ask this question: what video games would you pair with what beer?! Any beer, any game, etc. I would have to say Battlefield 1 would pair well with a fine oyster stout.

Now, one stout that sticks to my mind and that I loved trying out was the Oyster Stout by DogFish Head Brewery. It had a bit of a sweet taste but also that great, heavy malt hit too. I have it somewhere on my UnTappd I’m sure, but I’ve stopped using it and wouldn’t know how far back to look. A few years at best. And much like some of my matches, they’ve been awesome but bittersweet and short. So, what would your pairings be?

(Updated 4/4/17)


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