The Friday Brew Review: Latitude 33 Brewing Breakfast Stout

Hey again everybody! It’s been a long week but have no fear, the Friday Brew Review is here! This week, I’m drinking the Latitude 33 Brewing Breakfast Stout.


How’s it Taste?

For starters, it’s a stout (obviously). Super packed with coffee flavor and a hint of chocolate with every sip. It has a great mouth feel to it and a strong aroma of coffee and beans as you expect with that fresh cup of Joe in the morning.

The Technicals

Now, I loved their description on the bottle of easy to sip and won’t leave you tired. But! It clocks in at 8.5% ABV and you know that any more than one of these bad boys will knock you on your arse. It’s an Imperial Oatmeal Stout style brew and has a 39 IBU.

In my review video on YouTube, I don’t finish the entire thing but after I stopped the camera, I kept sipping on it working on a few other videos and noticed my focus waning a bit.

All Said and Done

It was delicious! I’m a huge stout fan and they’re undoubtedly my favorite style of beer. This bottle delivers wholesomely and leaves nothing on the table! Check them out!


Tune in next Friday for the next round!



A console reminder for those switching it up.

Well, The new Nintendo Switch is officially here. It became available to buyers on March 3 and it’s already met some opposition.

Now this isn’t unexpected. Don’t forget what the Switch is. It’s a portable console of sorts and as such we’re seeing some hardware issues.

People have been reporting blue and orange screens when turning on their devices and others having issues with the game cartridge not playing when it’s inserted.

Photo by supportdevil

Not all gloom.

On the flip side of all these issues is that some people have been having success with the classic “turn it off and back on.”

And with it being a newly released console that can still play on the internet, you know Nintendo will be releasing updates.

It’s also interesting to note that you see these issues with more prevalence when the Switch isn’t in its dock. When the Switch is off the dock, the unit is running at reduced processing power and that’s probably one of the factors affecting that boot performance.

Others have done it, too.

We all remember legacy consoles that are the 360 and PS3 and what it was like when they released. The infamous “Red Ring of Death” or the failure to boot message.

People also figured out the hard way that you couldn’t stand the 360 up vertically and some even made the mistake of doing it with the first wave of the new XB One’s and messed theirs up pretty bad.

Nintendo had its fair share when they released the Wii-U. I still think it’s a goofy thing and have never really been a huge Nintendo fan myself. I’m sure there were issues with the Game Boy when it was released and there’s a million different iterations of that thing.

But after all those things got figured out, we saw software fixes and the newer XB One’s can be stood up vertically to the players delight. Heck, I have mine on the stand. And it works better in my office set-up as a space saver!

Your standard grief.

It’s always expected that when a developer releases a new game or the Big 3 release a console, there’s going to be a few issues. It’s standard protocol for something that is selling millions of units on launch day.

Don’t let the bad reviews scare you or the feedback dissuade you from buying one, either. I personally don’t plan to purchase one, but that’s because the Switch doesn’t have what I look for in a console and the games don’t appeal to me.

I know it’s blasphemy to say I’m not a huge Zelda fan or that Super Mario Brothers was nigh-impossible for me as a young gamer.

Point is, ignore the people calling for Nintendo’s collective heads over the issue. They’re angry trolls.

Give it some time.

Even with my view on the Switch, I’m still excited to give it a try whenever I get the chance. It’s also a big step for Nintendo given that it’s been forever since the first Wii rolled off the line.

Wait a bit before you buy one is my opinion. It’ll give Nintendo time to work out the bugs and you know you’ll be seeing the new edition of the Switch come the holidays.

-Cheers, Nick

(Updated 4/4/17)


A chat with Alessandro Vazquez about Dekalb’s own beer fest.

So if you don’t know already, the NIU Convocation Center will play host to the Barb City BrewFest on March 25.

Alessandro Vazquez is the owner of Brew Avenue Events, the company putting on the event. I decided to get in touch with him and ask him a few pre-event questions about putting on a beer festival in a town that doesn’t have much in the way of craft beer.

What About BrewFest?

He got his start in the beer festival scene after going to one and seeing all the different ways he could host and improve on the beer festival experience. He found his way to NIU’s Convocation Center by way of attending a concert there.

“DeKalb is very unique, and has been a different experience from any of our other festivals. Working with a venue like the NIU Convocation Center is new for us, as many events take place in the summer and outdoors. But we thought that a Winter craft beer festival, indoors at the NIUCC, would be a big hit.”

His Future Forecast.

He thinks craft beer will continue to grow in popularity and beer festivals will need to continue to push the limits and explore new styles and techniques.

He expects upwards of a few hundred people so far and is still pushing promotion for the event. You can get tickets on TicketMaster and he tries to release new $5-off promos every so often.

You can also expect great coverage of this event because your favorite beer writer will be there! I hope to see you at it and until next time, cheers!



BrewDog breaks new ground in Ohio.

Lets start with who they are. BrewDog was started in 2007 by two guys in Ireland who got tired of their static selection of brew and started making their own.

In the short decade they’ve been open, they have become a world-wide name in the beer industry. You may have seen something floating around on the internet about a beer stuffed inside a taxidermy-squirrel aptly named The End of History.

It’s crazy strong at 55% ABV and the price is equally hardcore at about $650 to $900 depending where you buy it from. It sold out instantly at release and there were only 12 made, so it’s a seller’s market.

So, what about Ohio?

A few weeks ago, BrewDog opened their first location in our hemisphere in Canal Winchester in southern Ohio. They’ve been busy since then and have rolled out a new plan for a new location with, get this: a beer-centered hotel! Hop-infused face-masks and a hot tub full of their Punk IPA!

It’s important to mention it’s crowdfunded though. They surpassed their $75,000 goal. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.

The concept images look awesome, too. Give it a gander when you get a chance.

-Cheers, Nick


The Friday Brew Review: Allagash black

Happy Friday everyone! Now, I’m well aware of the fact that it’s actually Saturday, but I intend to make this a weekly thing.

Just trying to keep it in the spirit.

I decided to do the brew review on one of my favorite styles of beer: the stout. Specifically, Allagash Brewing black.

And what a brew this was. It had that great stout taste that sticks around after that first sip. It’s not too heavy and is actually easily (dangerously?) drinkable.

The subtle notes of roasted malt and chocolate also made themselves known with every drink. It had a fantastic head on it as well that didn’t bubble over (expert pour: thank you). A decent ABV of 7.8%, and a taste that kept you wanting more.

A decent 8 out 10.

I even did a YouTube review. Give it a watch!


-Cheers ’til next time, Nick

Stout Beer and Battlefield 1: A pairing.

Hello again, y’all. So, I was playing Battlefield 1 earlier today and while I was getting my ass handed to me, it occurred that this game would go well with a stout style beer or maybe a porter.

I made this distinction because I just started playing the game after having getting my console hooked up and all the updates installed. Now, it’s been my experience with the Battlefield franchise that I’ve learned others either love it or hate it. They’d rather stick to their other FPS and sim games.

A few can be convinced to join the dark side though. I’ve noticed when I do get people to come over and eventually fall in love with the game that it becomes one of their instant go-to’s for a rousing time waster. Operations in BF 1 has some long matches and I’ve lost many an hour to late nights playing when I should have been doing a million other things. Bottom line is: I love it. It’s undoubtedly one of my favorites.

So how do porters and stouts play (get it?) into this. Well much like Battlefield and the countless arguments I’ve had over it, others seem to react the same way when you find that one stout or porter style brew that opens your world up to liking dark beers.

Once you get that taste, that very first kill-streak in the game, and you stop dieing all the time, you can’t get enough! Like Battlefield, Oyster and Oatmeal stouts are undoubtedly my favorite kind of beer.

I make this comparison because the Battlefield series has an admittedly harder learning curve than say, CoD or any other FPS of that genre. Stout and porter style beers as well have flavors that take getting used to for some people and it takes a few go’s before getting the hang of it and knowing what you’re supposed to be looking for.

So to you, I ask this question: what video games would you pair with what beer?! Any beer, any game, etc. I would have to say Battlefield 1 would pair well with a fine oyster stout.

Now, one stout that sticks to my mind and that I loved trying out was the Oyster Stout by DogFish Head Brewery. It had a bit of a sweet taste but also that great, heavy malt hit too. I have it somewhere on my UnTappd I’m sure, but I’ve stopped using it and wouldn’t know how far back to look. A few years at best. And much like some of my matches, they’ve been awesome but bittersweet and short. So, what would your pairings be?

(Updated 4/4/17)


Hello there! Because I have your attention right now, can I ask you about some important subjects?

The first one: craft beer. What kind do you enjoy? I love the whole gamut. IPA’s to stouts.

The second: video games. Do you love them? I do.

What do these two things have in common? They’re a passion to people. I speak from experience.

What does all this mean? As a passionate trade journalist, I love to read and learn as much as I can about both.

As a craft beer lover and gamer, I’ve brought them together to make a spot on the Interwebz where I share my adventures.

I’ll be visiting breweries, make beer every so often, and offer insights of the latest video game releases that everyone should check out.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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