Nick’s Friday Brew Review! Clown Shoes Beer Bluegrass Billionaire

Well, it looks like I’m back to another barleywine. And I have absolutely no regrets.

This magnificent craft beer comes courtesy of Clown Shoes Beer based out of Ipswich in Massachusetts. This heavy hitting whale of a craft beer rings in at a generous 12% ABV and brings with its bourbon barrel taste!

How’d it taste?

Great. I have a soft spot for barleywines and this particular one tickles that fancy. It’s sweet, fruity, and has that bourbon infused taste all throughout. It’s a bitter and thick mouth feel but weighed out nicely with the fruity esters in there, too.

There was a bit of a metallic bite, but I’m fairly certain that’s the bourbon weighing in there.

The aroma?

Fantastic. That sweet malt aroma paired with the barleywine style of ale and bourbon nails it. With every sip, you get the smell, and with the smell, it enhances that flavor.

I even detected a bit of smokey-ness to it.

The verdict?

It was great. a solid 4 n’ a quarter stars. If you can find anything by Clown Shoes honestly, buy it. They’re one of the more difficult craft beers to find sitting on store shelves.

Watch the review for the whole experience!



Author: NicksPhunkyIdeas

Writer, vlogger, and beer geek. I love video games and making silly YouTube clips. You can find me posting reviews, lurking in beer forums, or trying to brew different recipes with varying degrees of success. I'm a journalist first and foremost. Regardless of what I think, Ill share brew news and stories and try and let the general public know the facts! If you like what I say, let me know! If not, go ahead and tell me anyway! Everything can be considered constructive feedback!

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