The Friday Brew Review: Alesmith Brewing Co. IPA

To start off: You can’t beat a good ole’ IPA. And this IPA delivers your standard fair of the experience.

Alesmith is a San Diego based brewery offering up American classics and specialties alike.

How’d it taste?

Delicious. It’s like any good IPA. A fresh, hoppy taste with slight notes of grapefruit and citrus. The flavor profile is not unlike that of any other IPA. A light, dry mouth feel with a little bit of bitterness peppered throughout.

It had a great pour and like you can see from the video, a perfect head on it too!

How’d it smell?

Dank. It was delightfully light and fresh. When you took a drink, the smell made the taste even better.

The verdict.

A solid 7/10. I’m not saying it was bad by any measure, but it’s a standard fare when it comes to IPAs.

I’ve had better, but this is always going to be a solid fall back option when you can’t find anything else to quench that thirst.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and as always, cheers!



Author: NicksPhunkyIdeas

Writer, vlogger, and beer geek. I love video games and making silly YouTube clips. You can find me posting reviews, lurking in beer forums, or trying to brew different recipes with varying degrees of success. I'm a journalist first and foremost. Regardless of what I think, Ill share brew news and stories and try and let the general public know the facts! If you like what I say, let me know! If not, go ahead and tell me anyway! Everything can be considered constructive feedback!

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