Behind The Brew: Andrew Nordman

Andrew Nordman owns Cademon Brewing Company located in Genoa, Illinois. It’s a small two-stoplight town in the north-east corner of DeKalb county and has that small town charm to it.

The Brewery

Cademon was built inside of an old winery that moved across the street to a new location and Nordman got the offer from them as he was searching for locations. He scouted two others, including where The Forge Brew House wound up planting roots.

“They said that they were moving buildings and because of the similarities in equipment and methods, the old building was all ready to go.”

He wound up settling on the spot and says the paperwork was the next challenge.

“A lot of people signing things and papers moving around. It’s not hard, just not streamlined.”

He learned a ton of new things and is always willing to help the next person looking into the endeavor of owning a brewery.

The Style

The building has a simple looking facade to it. A door and window make up the front of the location and the inside has old wood and a copper ceiling. The smell of beer fermenting and the rustic wood fill your nose with a pleasant aroma.

The beers are infused with a multitude of ingredients that fall into the experimental category. Whether he’s adding hot peppers to his pale ales or loading up his stouts with peanut butter, there’s always a new flavor experience.

The Future

He just opened a second location in Dixon in the same county. It’s a full service pub-style brew house. They were also facing some paperwork issues over the winter that made them close their doors for a few weeks but successfully raised the funds needed to sort out the issues.

If you’re ever in the northern Illinois farm country, make your way to one of his locations and try the Eve’s Tuition. It’s peanut butter heaven!

Until next time, cheers!


(Updated 4/4/17)



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