The Friday Brew Review: Latitude 33 Brewing Breakfast Stout

Hey again everybody! It’s been a long week but have no fear, the Friday Brew Review is here! This week, I’m drinking the Latitude 33 Brewing Breakfast Stout.


How’s it Taste?

For starters, it’s a stout (obviously). Super packed with coffee flavor and a hint of chocolate with every sip. It has a great mouth feel to it and a strong aroma of coffee and beans as you expect with that fresh cup of Joe in the morning.

The Technicals

Now, I loved their description on the bottle of easy to sip and won’t leave you tired. But! It clocks in at 8.5% ABV and you know that any more than one of these bad boys will knock you on your arse. It’s an Imperial Oatmeal Stout style brew and has a 39 IBU.

In my review video on YouTube, I don’t finish the entire thing but after I stopped the camera, I kept sipping on it working on a few other videos and noticed my focus waning a bit.

All Said and Done

It was delicious! I’m a huge stout fan and they’re undoubtedly my favorite style of beer. This bottle delivers wholesomely and leaves nothing on the table! Check them out!


Tune in next Friday for the next round!



Author: NicksPhunkyIdeas

Writer, vlogger, and beer geek. I love video games and making silly YouTube clips. You can find me posting reviews, lurking in beer forums, or trying to brew different recipes with varying degrees of success. I'm a journalist first and foremost. Regardless of what I think, Ill share brew news and stories and try and let the general public know the facts! If you like what I say, let me know! If not, go ahead and tell me anyway! Everything can be considered constructive feedback!

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